``` /** * Get any page's Top most Page ID. * Whether it is the direct parent, a grand parent or even a great grand parent it will always return the top most page ID * * source: http://www.webcitizenmag.com/2010/05/20/how-to-get-top-parent-page-id-in-wordpress/ */ // Add this function to your functions.php file or functionality plugin function so_get_top_most_page_id() { global $post; $ancestors = $post->ancestors; // Check if page is a child page (any level) if ( $ancestors ) { // Grab the ID of top-level page from the tree return end( $ancestors ); } else { // Page is the top level, so use its own id return $post->ID; } } // to output the page title in your page templates all you now need is echo get_the_title( so_get_top_most_page_id( $post->ID ) ); ```